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As Michiganders, we look forward to it all year. The first weekend of summer and the first trip of many. We pack a cooler, load the car, hitch our toys, and hit the road.

Whether we’re going two miles or two hundred, everyone is excited. But there’s one family member with the biggest grin. He’s in the backseat, tongue hanging out and tail wagging.

He’s headed to lakeside fetch, endless hikes, stolen hotdogs, and uncharted adventures. To blissfully uninterrupted days with his family.

He’s headed up north.

Introducing Pup North, the only brand that designs products exclusively for Michigan’s four-legged explorers. Founded in Traverse City, we aim to capture the experience of exploring America’s most beautiful state with a companion by your side.

From Grand Haven to Houghton, Pup North ensures every family member heads home with unforgettable memories and a love of Northern Michigan.

Paws and relax.We're Pup North.


When Lauren and Rachel met, they realized they had more in common than the average coworkers. Both were born and raised in Michigan, have backgrounds in advertising, married their high school sweethearts, and have a serious love for pets.

And though their timelines were different, both designers also moved to New York City to pursue creative positions in the advertising and music industry.

While in the Big Apple, Lauren and Rachel both missed spending summers in Northern Michigan — and eventually made the move back to the great Mitten State where they met in Traverse City.

The designers soon realized they both possessed strong entrepreneurial spirits and began to brainstorm. Soon after, Pup North was founded.

Pup North Rachel | Traverse City
Rachel Tompkins
Co-founderIdeal vacation: A staycation with an agenda to do home improvement projects. (Old crooked house = never ending DIY fun!) Delicious beers during the day, Netflix TV show binges at night, and trips to Leelanau County’s many hidden beaches when we need to take a break.
Pup North Lauren | Traverse City
Lauren Maxwell
Co-founderIdeal vacation: Driving south on M-22 to my parents’ cottage in Ludington for a week of lounging at the beach, beers at The Mitten Bar, and a Friday Night Sky Tour with Ranger Allen at the State Park.